Swedish cinnamon buns

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Today is Swedish cinnamon bun day (kanelbullens dag) yes Swedes celebrate this day. I have been craving for this goodie since I came back home, so I decided to make some by myself in such a special day :). It was my first attempt, so forgive me that the buns don’t look so pretty, little bit burnt :’)!! I’m not so good with cooking , but these kanelbullar are actually not so difficult to make. Take a look at the recipe bellow 🙂

Swedish cinnamon buns

I’ve been eating cinnamon buns almost everyday while in Sweden, even took couple of them with me to the plane…in my opinion they are the champion of fika (coffee break). Swedes love doing fika, no matter in the morning or afternoon it’s a tradition, a black coffee with any delicious sweets. Ofc cinnamon bun is not the only sweets they have…I’m just obsessed :P. I also tried cardamon bun but I’m not a big fan of it. As I said up there…Swedish not only celebrate cinnamon bun day, but also crayfish, semla (bun with almond spread and whipped cream), St. lucia bun (saffron bun)…how cool is that to celebrate a day eating bunch of goodie haha!! So far I only know how to make Swedish cinnamon buns…perhaps next time I will learn sth. else and give you recipe 🙂

Swedish cinnamon bun


7 Cups all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2/3 cup sugar
3 1/2 teaspoons yeast

10 tablespoons melted butter
2 cups lukewarm fresh milk (not too hot otherwise will kill the yeast)

Mix all and knead until smooth. Let it rise for about 45 mins.

For topping:
Roll dough, spread butter on it, add cinnamon and sugar (More topping more yummy; Less topping more healthy).
Roll the buns then cover with towel on it to rise for another 20 mins, then brush with egg and sprinkle with pearl sugar (I couldn’t find it here…but you can get in Ikea)
Bake at 250˚C for 10 minutes.


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