10/09/2014 Fashion

Men: Baby you already have so many bags, why you still need one more? Yep…men will never understand that good bags are an investment…so it’s good to have as many as possible, It’s the same as us women don’t understand men’s obsession about cars, they think it’s a piece of art (?). But today my post is not about how many bags you have or which fancy car you own. It’s about Moynat…maybe you never heard about this brand, it’s one of the oldest trunk making (older than Goyard & Louis Vuitton) founded in 1849 by the only female trunk maker Pauline Moynat and another 2 guys…it’s a long story if I have to talk about it. Anyways, at the moment you can only find 2 stores in the world one in Paris (Saint-Honoré) opened in 2011 and one in London opened this year.


Moynat produce good quality bags (they worth every single money)…It’s chic…it’s all about exclusivity (maybe today you can have a certain color but tomorrow you will not find the same one anymore or you will not see many women that have the same bag as you)…each bag is hand crafted by an artisan so it’s very limited at a time

I fell in love immediately with Réjane & Pauline bag once I entered to the store, so as a good little sister I convinced my big sister to buy Réjane bag haha (it wasn’t difficult to convince her :P). I’m sure she didn’t regret 🙂



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