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I’m not a personal trainer neither an expert in fitness to tell you what’s right or wrong, but I definitely have deep passion for sports and fitness since young, so writing and sharing my workout routines will be a new thing (need to practice on writing tho, so I’ll not sound so dumb :D)!! Going to the gym is a good therapy to me…if I don’t go I would end up shopping :D!! Here are the things….I workout when I’m bored at home, I workout when I eat entire chocolate bar and feel bad :P, I workout when I’m really stress, I workout when I know today I can do better than last time, I workout when I’m mad, I do slackline when I wanna improve my balance and patient, I play squash when I wanna win so badly against boys and when that happens I feel so damn proud of myself (unfortunately my knee doesn’t allow me to play as much as I used to)

Nowadays my goal is no longer to look like Sabrina Sato (picture). Back to few years ago, I was so crazy to have big strong legs like her, the ass she has (which Brazilian girls never dreamed to have her body huh?)…now I have other plans…it may sounds strange, but I have been obsessed to have thigh gap :D, wtf ? (I know)

ok…not gonna write too much about myself…I’m gonna go straight to the point now…4 things I do when I go to the gym

1st: Usually I go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week…my workouts last 45 mins to 1 hour every session…for me I don’t like to spend too much time working out because it’s important quality than quantity the time you spend at the gym, the longer I stay the less motivated I am

2nd: Eat small meal before gym is necessary…you don’t want to go to the gym with empty stomach and then faint in the middle of the room right?! You also don’t want to eat so full and workout, because you will get sick and want to puke, you need energy but eat right pre and post workout it’s important!! Every time before gyming I eat 1 banana and a glass of water with 1 spoon of chia seeds…these 2 things totally make me perform better and give me more energy!! This is how it works for me, maybe not for others. If you need help, seek for a professional to help you 🙂

3rd: I always always always write down my workout logs in my phone, why? Because it helps me to keep track how many days I went to the gym this week and which exercises, repetitions, weight I have done so I will not repeat the same exercises next day…and it’s a good way to keep me motivated to work my ass off (I use a simple app called ‘easy day notes’ to keep track on my workout log…writing on normal iphone calendar is just too pain in the ass)

4th: I take 1 scoop of one whey protein after I finish weight training, it’s a swedish brand called fitnessguru (here), I like both one whey and one whey isolate, they are not pricey comparing to other brands and they have so many flavors…I can’t tell which is my favorite one, but the ones I tried I love them!! Unfortunately they don’t ship to Asia, so I have to wait for min älskling to bring me more :). But the good thing is now they ship to some European countries, hope someday they can ship to Asia too 🙂


tbt picture….Me doing side planking (Looking for someone to do my workout pictures :))

Later I will update little by little my workout routines, my favorite exercises and so on 🙂

That’s all for today!! I wrote a bit too much 😛


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  1. Good post, girl! Love your pre-workout fuel. Which app you use to track your progress?

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