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30/12/2014 Lifestyle

Hi there!! I didn’t expect to receive any package, until I got informed that the package was lost haha…well somehow it arrived, but just little bit late…it’s ok! When I opened I saw Wang x HM boxing gloves as birthday gift from älskling yesterday, thank you <3, he surprised me with these boxing gloves that I wanted long time ago, it was all sold out, but somehow he managed to find it. I feel lucky and spoiled sometimes haha. Now I have my own gloves…just have to gather some friends to go train at boxing class with me :P…watch out people!! I like to watch boxing, specially UFC makes me wanna be in the octagon punching/kicking the one I don’t like hahaha…

Alexander Wang x H&M is distinct from the other collaborations H&M have done before…this is more sporty, dark color palette, scuba fabrics…well…not my favorite collaboration as I only like few little things that I can use it while working out

Apart from the gloves I also received my lace bra, clutch and swedish candies uhullllll #gottabesodamnfat :P, I will show you the lace bra sometime soon as I want to introduce you some labels that you probably never heard, rather than just showing you H&M, Zara…and so on 🙂


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