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3 beauty essentials

15/05/2015 Beauty, Categories

Hey there!! Today I wanna share with you my 3 beauty essentials that I love and will not ditch them for others.

Egytian magicThe package itself is not so attractive, I agree. However this Egyptian magic is the first thing I use when sth. is wrong with my skin! Many years ago I got burn on my face and arm (don’t ask me what I did…it was really stupid haha), luckily the burns were not big, but were obvious on my skin…so then I remembered I had this cream that says is a miracle cream hahaha! I didn’t expect much at first, but still tried…then a while later my scars were healed thanks to this cream, it took a bit time but gradually faded away. I works from head to toe…I use this a lot for pimples, sun burn, dryness around my nose and legs. However, I don’t like the smell and the texture is like wax…a bit greasy tho. but I know this multi-purpose goodie works well on me so that’s the matter. A jar (118ml.) of Egyptian magic can be used for manyyyy years and not pricey!

Bioderma Sensibio H20Tips for better skinMan…this makeup remover is a must! It cleans really well, saves up my time and cotton pads, and it doesn’t irritate my skin and eyes, it’s alcohol freeee, fragrance-free, oil free like water! On pic above I applied twice to show you the makeup is completely removed without rubbing too hard. I also use this to clean makeup brushes…I don’t know if it’s recommendable, but at least my brushes are all clean :).

Clarisonic mia 2I already wrote about this fantastic clarisonic on my blog…so I don’t have to repeat how much I love this cleansing system…in case you missed it you can read here 🙂

Hope these 3 beauty staples tips can help you for a better skin 🙂


Clarisonic Mia 2

25/01/2015 Beauty, Categories

Clarisonic Mia 2I’ve been testing Clarisonic Mia 2 (here) couple of months before I’m writing a review here, all I have to say this skin cleansing system worth every single penny! In the beginning I didn’t have any expectation but then at my first attempt I felt my skin was glowing, smooth and cleannnn instantly!!

I’m glad that I don’t have big problem with my skin except that it gets really dry in winter so Clarisonic gives an extra help. I get a little red and dry after cleaning which seems to be normal so I apply cream on my face right away and it does easily penetrate into my skin so the next day I could feel completely moisturized. For some ppl that suffer breakouts problem this machine can be their savior, why I’m saying is that Clarisonic rotates with over 300 movements per seconds obviously cleans better than with hands. In the instruction it says to clean 2 times a day…well…I think over use can irritate skin so I recommend to start off every other day to see how your skin reacts.

I’ve read that some ppl got worse after…it vary from person to person maybe it doesn’t work on their skin or can be any other reason. Therefore is important to clean the brush properly, not to put in the toilet…it gets mold due to humidity, gently massage your face don’t press to hard otherwise can get inflammation, change brush every 3 moths, use mild cleanser and not over use it…the total time for cleaning is 1 min: 20 secs forehead, 20 secs nose and chin, 10 secs on each cheek et voilàààà!!

Mine is Mia 2 not that cheap but worth it…you can share Clarisonic with your family/bf/gf but GET your own brush. So here is my little review about this goodie…I’m not gonna get into too much details.

Clarisonic Mia 2

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